The Herbal Tea Podcast Presents: Highest Notes – I.K.P. and EarthTone (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Issues of equality, sadly, seem to only be redressed in very small increments. Although we are hearing increasing talk of levelling the playing field on issues of colour, gender, religion and race, change seems to move at a glacial pace. Which is why it is great to hear of promoters such as The Herbal Tea Podcast, who champion the promotion of Black voices in the LGBTQ+ community.

To this end they have put out an Ep which features two songs by two of the artists close to their heart, I.K.P.  and EarthTone. The four tracks found here are based around hip-hop grooves but are drawn from the cutting edge of the genre, leaning on electronica and sampling as much as it does more traditional funk and soul sounds.

EarthTone offers up Hit The Trees, a celebration of cannabis culture with the whiff of De La Soul’s quirky approach and This City, a forward-thinking, (under the) counter-cultural narrative for a new age of alternative lifestyles. Boiler Room from I.K.P mixes blues guitar riffs with a dexterous flow of conscious rap and ELIXIR is a funk explosion which sounds like Bootsy Collins jamming with Talking Heads…and that has to be a good thing. Right? Quite right.

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