Skyline – Richard Schroder (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hear the word Nashville and you automatically conjure the archetypical Rhinestone clad cowboy or rugged, troubadour with a pick-up truck and another place to be. Perhaps we shouldn’t listen to our inner stereotyping, perhaps it’s Schroder’s Boston roots but what we get on Skyline isn’t the sound that the Music City is immediately associated with. It’s country music, sure, but it plays by its own rules, drawing on rock, pop, and indie vibes as it sees fit.

Almost An Angel kicks the Ep off bringing in just enough rock energy and plenty of accessible melodies, the perfect blend of grunt and groove, Stay Over is pretty much a poised pop ballad and Hallelujah Skyline is a gorgeous, drifting, deft, and delicate country-pop anthem.

Country, like every other genre, has to move with the times, and that always causes the problem of how you keep the traditionalists onboard whilst trying to pick up a new, younger, and perhaps broader audience. Skyline is a blueprint of exactly how you do just that.

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