Breathless – The Sidleys (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Ramones might not have all actually been related but The Sidleys most definitely are. And unlike The Ramones, they play a soulful blend of indie and rock woven together in various combinations as the songs require. Such a family connection is often used as a gimmick to sell a band, especially when they don’t have the goods to back up the concept but right from the opening track, Lately I Don’t See You Anymore, you quickly realise that this is not the case here. From this lively kick off point, Breathless unravels into a potent and poignant collection of songs.

There are lively groovers such as the perky pop-rock of Break Your Fall and I Didn’t Know’s bluesy shuffle but their finest moments come when they are dealing with more considered sounds. Lullabies is a suitably lush pop ballad, The Ocean & The Wave an understated snippet of shimmering guitar work and Sweetest Hush is a soul-infused slice of sonic sass.

It would be easy for a band such as The Sidleys to play the family card, to make the most of the relationship between the players but then why would you when you have an album this finely wrought to do the talking for you? The music is the real story here and that is all you need to know.


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