Dwell – Joe McCann (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Not all music needs the direct communication of a lyrical component. In fact sometimes it can really get in the way. A smart artist knows that music is just as powerful a medium as words when it comes to getting your message across and Joe McCann is a smart artist for sure. The difference is that whereas lyrics pretty much force the listener towards certain conclusions as dictated by the directness of the worlds, music is a more subtle and supple beast.

And so Dwell uses its fluidity and emotive tones to paint its picture. But the great thing is, with the indirect nature of the music, that picture is as much created by the listener as the person behind the music. So when Dwell converses via its liquid sonic flow, its tastefully and tonal astuteness and its smooth deliveries, it does so across every and any language barrier painting a personal picture relevant to each and everyone who crosses its path.

When music can be this expressive, this personal, this communicative, why worry about writing lyrics ever again? Now, that’s an argument which could run on and on and if and when you do debate such a topic, make Dwell exhibit A in the proceedings!

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