Annie – Jeff Michaels Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a world which is often brash and bombastic and where music very often reflects such a tone, Annie is a lovely and lilting haven of sonic loveliness. It builds gently from an understated, folk nugget into…well, an only slightly less understated slice of rootsy gold. It is spacious and reflective, full of rhythms which seem to punctuate rather than power, reserved guitar lines and emotive harmonicas trailing off into the distance.

Annie is a perfect example of using space in your music, never does it feel that there is anything more going on than is strictly necessary to make the song work. In fact it is those drifting spaces and havens of sonic emptiness which perforate the music which make it all the more powerful, a power derived not from musical weight but rather atmospherics and anticipation.

If you want to know the difference between impact and emotion, between music which is felt rather than that which is heard, if you haven’t yet worked out what the phrase less is more actually means, lesson one begins right here.

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