Bad Dreamz – Baby Storme (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I sure hope that what New York popster Baby Storme is describing in this song really was all just a bad dream. If not, then she needs to be calling the police! But I guess that the fact that she got around to recording the song suggests that her narrative, which seems to wander between love and longing as well as controlling and perhaps even kidnapping, tells us that it really all was just the result of a restless night and an over-active imagination.

But even the worst dreams can give you the material for a great song as this slow-grooving piece of R&B proves. All cutting edge pop-infusions, hip-hop vibes and slick dance floor moves, it is the perfect sound for the modern pop fan. Despite its dark undertones and edgy themes it shimmers with neat electronica, drives on steady but unfussy beats and perfectly highlights Baby Storme’s relaxed but unavoidable vocal tones. It may have all been a bad dream but it is one cool song.

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