Forget You – Andreas Georgiou ft. Joakem (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We live in an age where your average pop-picker demands an easy handle on their music, a quick soundbite to help them compartmentalise a track by genre, sound or style. The irony of the internet age is that the new found freedom that should have been ushered in has instead resulted in an even more rigid place, where music is more tethered to a descriptive label, where musical boundaries have become even deeper carved in stone. Well, if you are one of those people who welcome such order then I’m afraid Forget You is going to really ruin your day. Why? Well, not because it doesn’t conform to one genre or another, but because it is such a gloriously changeable and chameleon-like song that it seems to dance deftly across any number of genres as its shifts sonic gears and heads towards its glorious conclusion.

Starting with an almost classical grace, lilting, plaintive piano and gently sweeping strings are wrapped around an acoustic guitar but always leaving the masterful vocals front and centre. Bass and backbeat kick in, lending a more conventional pop feel to proceedings, as memories of a lost love are reflected upon. Tensions rise, eventually tipping the song over into full blown rock territory, revelling in a real foot-on-the-monitor, power ballad explosion before finally drifting off into more tempered sounds to end.

Forget You runs through a lot of sonic emotions neatly matching the intensity of the thoughts of the narrator, but rather than just turning the volume up to create an impact, the neat thing here is that the steps up in dynamic and pace are delivered subtlety. In fact it is often the additional layering of various musical textures, the slow addition of new sounds and musical motifs, which creates the weight rather than merely forcing the issue. Because of this approach the song reveals new sonic depths with each play, new detail awaits discovery, ornate structures which you may have previously missed are found.

It’s an intensely smart song and Andreas Georgiou is a fantastic soundscaper, able to weave and meld, bend and blend familiar sounds into wholly new and unexpected sonic architecture. And in a world where people seem to like to have everything neatly sorted and demarcations clearly defined, it is great when a song comes along which runs roughshod over such conformity and expectations. I just wish more artists would wander such broad and brave musical paths.

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