Rap has always been the place you go when you want to hear about real life. Other music genres might wax lyrical about imaginary realms or wallow in self-aggrandisement about the high life, but rap music has, by and large, just told it like it is, given us a view from the streets, a taste of the hustle and hassle of everyday life put to music.

And that is what Mr L-BO does so well here. A gentle reminder that between the hard run of the streets and the dreams of fame and fortune there is a comfortable middle ground. A place where work is rewarded with a decent enough life, one filled with friends and family, comforts and relative contentment, and it is this vision which he is pitching to us. And he does so over upbeat grooves and buoyant beats as if to underline the joy of the basic requirements for a contented life.

It’s a song filled with positivity and unity, it tells of community and friendship, of coming together and revelling in the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes those are all the things you need to be happy and, if you ask me, Mr L-BO seems pretty happy with his lot.

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