Anybody – Pollux King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

On this latest release, Pollux King blends any number of outsider vibes into a sound that will act as a Trojan Horse for mainstream music. It has rock integrity but is far from your average rock and roll song. It has a slow hip-hop groove but certainly doesn’t sit comfortably in that realm. It also bristles with pop smarts but its contagion is everything that your average chart song isn’t. And then she cloaks everything in gospel harmonies and gorgeous atmospherics.

And the result is the perfect alt-pop anthem, something that will easily make its way into the guarded pop-heart of the mainstream inner sanctum before any of the industry gatekeepers realises just what they have let in. A new, higher benchmark. A call to be adventurous. A revolutionary template for what pop can be.

But as much as it is a rallying cry for outsider pop being normalised, it is also an anthem for the outsiders and misfits of society. Having grown up being bullied, of feeling like she didn’t fit in, of being made to feel worthless, Anybody is a call to arms for anyone who feels left behind or ostracized by the modern world.

It’s time for a change. Time for voices to be heard. Time to rush the barricades of not just music but of society too. Time for the freaks, the weirdos, the outsiders to have their say. Anybody is the sound of a flag being planted, a stance being taken. Anybody is the sound of the meek, not to mention the geeks, inheriting the earth.

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