Lost – Dez Money (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

By wrapping deft soulful tones around a gentle pop groove, Dez Money manages to lift his latest single, Lost, above the rank and file of the usual chart fare. Well, above it. And rather than try to draw attention to the song by throwing in all manner of pop tricks and studio gimmicks, he instead goes for a subtler and more supple approach. It is a song full of space.

But space isn’t merely the absence of notes or beats. Not here anyway. The space found on Lost is a place where sonic atmospheres float between the notes, where gentle melodic echoes gradually form and slowly fade, where anticipate grows in the pauses for breath between one lyric and the next.

In doing so Dez Money offers us a song that is loaded with longing and sentiment, it emplores the listener to connect and speaks through emotive tones and textures as much as it does through direct lyrical communication.

A gorgeous piece of pop to be sure, and gorgeous is not a word bandied about in such circles enough these days.

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