Conundrum – Daniel Daraban (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although working in the techno genre, Conundrum is more than just the usual relentless drive of electronic beats. It builds its energy through hypnotic grooves, certainly, but it also plays with subtle dynamics. There are unexpected and intriguing lulls, false endings and slow-burning restarts. There is also a neat use of texture and tones as the concise and continuous beat gradually wraps sonic layers around it, washes of electronica, additional, raw, bass pulses, beguiling counter-melodies and on the very edge of the song, half-heard chiming musical motifs.

And his ability to blend this hypnotic energy with creative and cutting edge soundscapes is what marks Daraban out from the competition and contemporaries. Through a stream of well-received releases, such as Glimmering, Hunch, Augury and Airlglow he has turned heads (and ears) and received critical praise from both the dance-floor denizens and industry movers and shakers alike.

Conundrum will only cement his reputation further.

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