If RAIA was a gorgeous collection of smooth, jazz-infused yet accessible instrumental tracks, Ana, the latest track from Ludwik Konopko, is a continuation of this glorious musical journey. Once again, mellifluous guitars are embedded in a lush and gorgeous soundscape, one subtle and supple enough to allow the instrument to be the voice of the piece yet solid enough to add wonderful tones and textures in their own right.

Again, it is the music that does the talking, specifically the guitar but other voices are heard in the form of musical motifs and instrumental inclusions, clever little sonic responses to the six-string’s gentle calls; basses muse, drums chat way and distant musical murmurs ebb and flow. All are necessary to build the song but none dominate, there is room for all to pool and percolate, mix and match their sounds into this gentle musical throng.

And neither is there anything showy about what is going on here. It is obvious that all of the musicians involved are masters of their craft, not least Ludwik himself, but none feel the need to prove their worth, something which, ironically, shows them to be even more astute. After all, it is about playing for the song, not the ego.

So, with egos very much out of the picture, Ana is a gorgeous piece of music, one that continues to impress on the listener just how deft and delicate, how creative and understated a musician Ludwik is, not to mention those who also appear on the track.

Those with something to prove, with a chip on their shoulder, with an ego running unchecked can showboat and shout, posture and pout all they want, it is those with nothing to prove who are the ones worth listening to. It is those people who compose, perform and deliver songs as gorgeous as Ana.

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