“Fort Worth-based Jared Putnam has a soft spot for ’90s pop rock,” says Central Track in its premiere coverage of “I’m Not Perfect,” the first single from Lost Causes, the sixth album by Putnam’s project The March Divide (June 10th, Slow Start Records).

“The 10-song Lost Causes finds Putnam backed by bassist Ernie Garcia and drummer Jason West. Together with noted producer Mike Major, they made a love letter for 1990s rock bands like the Gin Blossoms, Counting Crows, Tonic and Sister Hazel with a hint of Cheap Trick.”

“I’m Not Perfect” might be an open nod to the 1990s rock that was on the radio a lot after Kurt Cobain died, but it doesn’t sound like a retread. Compare it with songs from August and Everything After (Counting Crows) or New Miserable Experience (Gin Blossoms) and it sounds inspired, but not taking direct lifts from those records.”

“This song came out completely different that I had initially imagined,” Putnam explains. “Writing mellow sad songs about utter loneliness, for whatever reason, comes very naturally to me. Over the years, I’ve developed a following that has a huge appetite for these songs. These songs are very therapeutic for me to write and it means the world to me that they connect so strongly with so many people.”

‘I’m Not Perfect’ was going to be one of those songs,” Putnam continues. “I tracked a very rough demo version of what I had and sent it off to Mike Major and he heard it as a full on rock song, which was the opposite of where I had intended to take it. When I realized I wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees, it just totally clicked from there.”

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