Zombies/ The Dreampop Days – Seasurfer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sitting in the lush sonic space between the ethereality of dream pop and the more intense sonic swathes of psychedelia, Seasurfer makes a sound that walks a fine line between space and intensity, light and claustrophobia. They also dance between the musical world’s of post-punk past and dark electronic futurism, dream-state vocals and solid beat structures. And they do so more sure-footedly than any band that I have heard.

That’s a lot of different sounds to try and unify, but unify them they do leaning into one genre or another as the mood takes them but always returning with a song and sound which is recognisable as their own.

The single, SOS, which kicks off Zombies, the first half of this double album, is a great place to start, a weave of relentless, hypnotic beats and brooding textures, and Apolonia’s almost disembodied vocals floating above. Songs such as Chemical Reaction combine intense, industrial pop with white-hot rushes of electronica, Heaven tips its hat to those early 80’s pioneers who sat on the divide which separated the gothic underground from what would later grow into the New Romantic sound and Venusberg is built from waves of shimmering, surging electronica.

The Dreampop Days is a further eight tracks that were recorded with guest vocalist Elena Alice Fossi, normally found fronting Italian Darkwavers Kirlian Camera. And finding that two of these tracks were remixed by none other than John Fryer makes perfect sense. Having worked with everyone from Depeche Mode and The Cocteau Twins to Nine Inch Nails and This Mortal Coil, Seasurfer not only sounds like the perfect band for him to explore and reimagine. In Seasurfer’s mercurial and marvellous sound you can hear any number of those bands echoing across the years to act as influence and inspiration.

A gorgeous brace of albums from a band that sounds like a long lost 4AD artist from back in the day.

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