You’re On My Mind –  MARBL (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love the way that MARBL is able to wander neatly between infectious pop, indie-folk cool and a more sophisticated pathway echoing timeless soul and jazz classics. And after a string of singles that lean towards one or the other of those styles, You’re On My Mind somehow mixes all of them together in equal measure. From deft and delicate piano and vocals that open the song up it slowly and subtly builds through acoustic picking, hazy and harmonious choruses and finally adds  a wonderfully minimalist beat which does little more than adds urgency and structure to take the song to its conclusion.

It’s a gorgeously understated piece, built as much from Moria Or’s soft and sensuous vocals as anything more solid and all the better for such a drifting approach. The resulting sound is perfect for the modern musical world. Infectious enough for the chilled out pop-picker, especially the more ambient loving dream-pop aficionados, shot through with enough classic vibes that the more progressive end of the soul and jazz scene will dig it and those indie-folk fans who have been revelling in the genre’s new found freedom that has come from threading the hazy and the haunting through its acoustic core will see MARBL as a new brave step into a whole range of future possibilities.

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    1. Glad you like it David, there are a couple of other reviews/videos on here, just follow the links back…you’ll find them embedded in the band name mentions in the text.

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