A Mr. Mooq penned song landing in the review pile is always an interesting prospect. There seem to be so few truly surprising artists left in this day and age, a time where conformity and consistency is required for the PR teams and music marketing types to be able to spot, track and even create popular trends, fleeting fads and scenes to squeeze the maximum exposure out of their product…a horrible word but in those circles a very apt one. Mr. Mooq, however is the proverbial “box of chocolates” of the Gump philosophy, you really don’t know what you are going to get.

This time out we find him in soothing sonic territory, not a million miles away from where we left him for Dreaming in Color, weaving some lovely West Coast, late night jazz-soul vibes through a pop template. It still has his trademark quirkiness, a blend of 80’s chart pop and a raft of more easy-listening influences, a dynamically fluid approach and for all his often anarchic nature Complicated is a song that beats with a romantic and honest heart.

Even when he is making music on what might seem like more mainstream and solid ground there is still something unique, wonderfully odd and strangely beguiling about his brand of Day-Glo pop and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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