You Turn Me On – Jonny Polonsky (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A song isn’t just about musical structures and lyrical ideas. Those are important of course but a song is much more than that. It is about vibe and feeling, emotion and delivery, authenticity and believability. If you don’t have those things you basically just have a car without an engine. It appears to have all the trappings required to be labelled such, but it just won’t take you anywhere.

Jonny Polonsky, via this fantastic Jim Sclavunos remix, is all about just such a car’s momentum, the trill of the ride, a joyride into the night and all that it promises…if we want to push that analogy to breaking point. The mechanics of the song were always sound but it is the intimate, sensuous, half-whispered delivery which really gets the job done. You Turn Me On is a subtle and supple sonic dance, one built of seductive steps, which is confident and confessional, dark and delicious and depending on how your mind works, utterly romantic or excitingly sleazy.

It is a gorgeous and understated slice of lustful rock, it is makes the skin tingle and the mind wander, and whilst it certainly leans in to artists such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,  unsurprisingly it also seems to exist at a collision point between the likes of Bauhaus’ dark designs and Beach House’s heady neo-psychedelic soundscapes.

It is lush and louche, intimate to the point that you can almost feel his breath in your ear, wayward and wonderful. Sounds like the start of a great night to me.

Jonny Polonsky · You Turn Me On (Jim Sclavunos Remix)

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