A Song in Spanish Addressed To Men Who Drive Big Cars – Short-Haired Domestic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even before you take their music for a spin, there is so much to love about Short-Haired Domestic. The band name. The wilfully verbose and eloquent song titles. The straight-to-the-point  artwork. The fact that they are a husband and wife team. The fact that one of them was an integral part of both the Talk Talk and Catherine Wheel story and the other helped spear-head the UK Riot Grrl movement as part of Sidi Bou Said. 

And if that is what gets you to the party, what keeps you here is another wealth of intriguing elements. Their ability to tackle big subjects via a sort of avant-garde pop, one blended from wisdom and whimsey, quirk and quality. Their love of splicing musical styles and delivering lyrics in any number of languages. I could go on. But I won’t.

A Song in Spanish Addressed To Men Who Drive Big Cars is as infectious as it is inventive, groovesome pop built from funky rhythms, latin vibes, analog textures and an intimate knowledge of WASP synthesizers. And of course the Big Cars are really analogous lyrical devices, the song is a side-swipe at and social comment on the men who “drive them” and the whole thing is a call to arms, a call for change, a call for equality. It is basically saying that men have had their chance at running the show and it hasn’t turned out too great, it’s time to let the women show us how it’s done.

“Todos tenemos lo que merecemos” – We only get what we deserve! Quite right. And perhaps we don’t deserve music this clever, but, whether we deserve it or not, it is certainly needed more than ever right now. 

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