On this short, three-salvo sonic collection, H-chris offers us a triptych of tracks that span a number of dance moves and moods. His chosen style is an instrumental, groovesome synth, deep house sound and even without the lyrical component, there is plenty of melody and emotion to be found.

Waiting In The Back Seat is fluid and buoyant, a track that seems to ebb and flows in hypnotic repetitions as it spirals its way towards its conclusion and Interstate is a road trip through early synth-pop experiments and more modern creativity alike.

A Fan, which rounds things off, is a bubbling, beat-driven sonic swagger across the alternative dancefloor, out there and experimental but melodic and measured too. Many composers working in the broad dance field today seem to aim for euphoric energies and upper echelon beat counts, what is great about H-chris is that he uses restraint, draws his musical conclusions slowly and takes his time to get to where he is going. And that is a sign of maturity…something that the dance world could do with more of.

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