Call Of The Void – Leadboots (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Leadboots seem to have mastered the art of taking base musical elements – the ruggedness of blues, the swagger of rock and roll, the deftness of folk – and turning them into solid sonic gold. And Call Of The Void is all the proof that you need. Unlike many bands of today, those that favour style of substance, here is a band that remembers what’s important and in doing so are able to create a raw and ragged, rugged and robust, roots modern music.

Cutting through fad or fashion, here they present a salvo of five songs that nod to cool past musical traditions whilst re-constructing those sounds for a modern and discerning contemporary audience. Ten Years Time is a thing of groove and grace, low-slung blues and rock ‘n’ roll moves, Wolves takes on an indie stance and adopts some tasteful alt-rock poise and Motionless shows that they can push their melodic mastery into pop territory without selling out or showing off.

It’s a great collection of songs from a band that knows where it comes from but is far more interested in where it’s going. And where it is going is a place that I want to go to as well.

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