You Make It So Hard – Mr. Slade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music as a whole generally evolves and finds its way forward through unexpected collisions, left-field genre-splicing and half-planned creative fusions. Some are the obvious merging of music which has long been easy travelling companions, other times opposites attract, meld, battle, blend and give creative birth and what emerges from the sonic wreckage is a totally new and unexpected form.
That is exactly what is happening on the latest release from Mr. Slade on the mercurial and marvellous You Make It So Hard. Caustic 80’s metal meets dance-pop. Whoever thought that would work? Well, Mr. Slade for one because it not only works, it works like a dream. Over boisterous clubland beats and industrial grooves he lays down some raw-edged, incendiary axe attacks and then adds his own distinctive vocals, vocals which seem at home in both worlds simultaneously…the best of both worlds. The result is at once ludicrous and ludicrously infectious.

Metal disco? Industrial dance? Groove-core? I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it, just get down a boogie baby!

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