Distorted Reality – BRANDISNT (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There’s a point where the likes of rap and hip-hop sounds tip over a creative cliff and land in a place which has more to do with conceptual art than anything as conformist as mere song. Distorted Reality is a great example of that idea. Although it retains some of the beats and lyrical style, production tricks and vibes of the urban sonics that it uses as a springboard, it wanders along some fairly avant-garde pathways to find a place it can call home.

Musically the structures it builds meander in fluid and ever-evolving forms, lyrically the thoughts expressed feel like reading someones diary and narrating ideas of broken relationships, feelings of self-worth, angsty outpourings and everything which relates to the experiences of young people in the modern world.

And all the way through this 8-track offering the whole seems more like an art instillation, one built from sonic anagrams and streams of consciousness than musicians making a record in any conventional sense. 

Perhaps when the notes and sounds that we have accepted for so long have all been taken apart and put back together in every possible combination, perhaps then the only thing that you can do is just change the form, alter the structure. Perhaps at that point even the boundaries between creative disciplines themselves become blurred. Distorted Reality is the sound of “perhaps” becoming fact.

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