Many artists seem to have short creative bursts between more relaxed, less productive moments but Jamit seems to be on an ever-accelerating, upward trajectory regarding single releases. Not for him the well-deserved down time, a chance to relax and reflect on a pretty frantic release schedule to date. Instead, hot on the heals of his collaboration with Kætäwi comes another solo piece which is the usual mix of groove driven, hypnotic, alt-dance and strange futuristic, otherworldly strangeness. 

Yod, being a Hebrew letter, and mixing it with God into a phrase that probably has no real meaning but just sounds great, is typical of his love of using language as a musical device. Past exceptions have seen him use foreign languages as rhythmic devices, vocals as sounds rather than communication, distant disembodied voices and all manner of vocal exploration rather than follow the usual, more direct, approach. And so around the one phrase, “I am the Yod of God,” he builds his singular and subtle music.

A rumbling bass heavy beat and a tumbling groove drive the track on, strange, often weirdly jaunty, electronica skitters around the periphery and the now familiar hypnotic and compelling music is broadcast to the world, or at least that part of the world looking for music that breaks with convention, that stands alone and separate from the mainstream clubland pack, that dances, quite literally, to its own beat.

As always, Jamit sounds only like himself, even amongst the cutting edge of forward-thinking dance music he seems to have a sonic fingerprint like no other and that, of course, is the art of it.

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