Yin – Sabino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the first part of a two album project, the follow up quite understandably to be called Yang, Sabino returns with his own brand of music, a sound that he titles Sab-Hop. In a world that is moving further and further away from musical genres, labels, and pigeon-holes, do we need a further sub-category? Well, perhaps yes, as Sabino’s take on the usual urban music fare is worth distinguishing from the rest of the pack.

Combining the expected hip-hop, his idiosyncratic rap style, a light dusting of pop sensibilities and an overall style that is sultry, light, accessible, addictive even and lyrically smart is certainly a breath of fresh air. We don’t need more wannabe street hustlers and pretend gangsters setting the tone for hip-hop music, been there, done that and those 90’s trailblazers had an authenticity that can’t be bettered anyway, so why try? Why not overall the genre? Give it new purpose, new direction and a new personality? Why not indeed, it’s not only what Sabino is doing, it is what he is doing so much better than the competition.

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