That Summer, Volume Two – Various Artists (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Remember mix tapes? Remember a time before playlists and downloading when you had to physically record your favourite tunes on to a cassette tape either to impress a girl, bond with your peers or provide the soundtrack to a party? If you do then you are as old as I am. But volume two of That Summer, BWH Music Group’s showcase compilation of breaking and award winning artists, pretty much covers the same ground, it collects together everything that is cool and cutting edge in the independent music world, but mainly it is the perfect musical backdrop to this summer and all it’s activities.

Emily Cole’s Dead Feelings is a unique take on slow grooving, dance-pop, all atmospherics, space and glitchy electronica driving a vocal that spins R&B vibes across an early hours dance floor vibe and at the other end of the spectrum is the viola driven alt-rock of Love Ghost, a band that readers of this site will be more than familiar with.

Crooked Flower, another band that has been covered here before, offers a slinky, psychedelic take on exploratory indie, Jenny Vinatieri’s Phoenix is a lush and shimmering pop soundscape, a blend of drama and soaring dynamics, James Lee Baker brings the rootsy acoustica and a perfect celebration to escapism with Disappear for the Weekend and the more urban vibes come courtesy of the trippy-trap-rap of FSG Rell and Locations.

If you want to know what the cutting edge, and indeed the future, sounds like then this is the perfect calling card. A mix of styles and genres but one that is the perfect way to celebrate the genres and styles that already fall into your comfort zone and explore the ones that might not be your usual go to sounds. 

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