Wonder Why – Crafty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is songs such as Wonder Why which remind me why I am glad that I was too young for punk and instead consider myself a child of the post-punk era. Punk may have kicked in a few doors here and there to grab an NME headline, stormed a barricade or two, mainly when the cameras were rolling, but it was what came next which was really interesting. Pop was merged with rock, punk calmed down and became new wave and melody and sentiment was back in fashion. And out of this new pop era and indie year zero came some great music and Wonder Why sounds as if it could have not only been written then, but a leading light of the genre.

It has the same power-pop swagger, the same melodic majesty, the same ability to make a little go a long way, to take a simple progression and dress it up to maximum effect. Is it indie, college rock, power-pop? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is Crafty’s ability to fashion a great riff and a hooky catch (possibly even a catchy hook) into a top pop song. It might hark back to simpler times but it might also be the catalyst for a great leap forward. Fingers crossed.

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