Although the original version of the song became popular after being featured on the hit tv series Grown-ish, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for it to change and evolve, and so Naomi August has returned with a new remix of the track courtesy of Kameo.

And if the original was a sparse and spacious affair, slowly building from a delicate piano piece into a busier dance groove, the new version embraces the clubland vibe right from the start. The beats help drive the song in a more energetic and euphoric way than the original whilst still embracing its sense of mystery and mood.

There is something slightly futuristic woven through its core too, the vocals feel otherworldly and disembodied, the tones and textures float along, tethered only by the ever-shifting beat patterns and there is something underground and alternative about the whole vibe of the track.

If you are going to remix a song then you should at least allow it to have a new lease of life, instill it with new moods and emotions rather than just make a few superficial sonic changes here and there. The art comes with being brave enough to let it truly evolve. That is exactly what is happening here.

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