Stalwarts of the Spanish language indie music scene, twenty years in the game and with 13 albums to their name, Love of Lesbian release Viaje Epico Hacia la Nada or Epic Journey Towards Nowhere. V.E.H.N. is a gorgeous blend of rock urges and indie cool, addictive melodies and memorable sonics.

It is also an album that evolved greatly through the recording process, informed and evolved by not just the dark times of recent pandemic but a wave of unforeseen changes, reconsiderations, false starts and goodbyes. And through such ups and downs, songwriter Santi Balmes found that it was through thinking about others he was actually thinking about himself too.

And with light at the end of the tunnel, Love of Lesbian is looking to get back to touring throughout Latin America, in general, and Mexico in particular where their last tour ended in front of 10,000 spectators at The National Auditorium.

If you have missed going to gigs because of the recent pandemic induced isolation and break in live shows, whether you are new to the band or an existing fan, V.E.H.N. is a perfect way to discover or remind yourself of the band’s ability to pen songs which are, at turns, anthemic, infectious, poignant, powerful and the perfect way ease back into live music. And until such opportunities return, you have a great album to spin, absorb nd enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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