Opening with the title track, we are presented with a soft and soulful song with lush, Laurel Canyon harmonies and a deft country lilt. And to be honest, this mini-album would be more than worth the money if it just featured this one song. So, in a way, the four songs that come with it can be seen as a wonderful bonus.

The Bright Lights (Fade Away) shows the poppier side of Brad Byrd, equally scintillating vocally but driven with a sort of New Wave vibe, but in the way that Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers rode that wave back in the day.

Just Make Me Okay is a gorgeous confessional, shot through with glistening slivers of guitar and shimmering musical shards which catch the light and chime in the sonic winds, and things are rounded off with the more country-esque and understated Chasing Down The Sun, leaving us on an inspirational and aspirational note.

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