Time – Kenny Fame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Musing on the strange and fluid nature of time (does it really go faster when you are having fun?) Time is a subtle and supple slice of ska-pop. It leans into many other genres, sure, it is soulful and understated, it is as addictive as any great pop song but it is the dance between Kenny‘s gorgeous and intimate vocals and that choppy guitar riff that really grounds things firmly in ska traditions.

But like all good ska before it, the sound is gently infectious, full of joy and inspires all who hear it to dance, clap or sing along. And if the main guitar line runs on that effective simplicity of such traditions, it is what is going on around it that adds the real majesty to the song. Synths wash, a lead guitar breaks out some wonderfully laid-back lead runs and lazy beats add swing and swagger.

Gorgeous, addictive and lyrically slightly profound.

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