Where Are They? – AIR + KILOMETERS (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

AK_WhereAreThey_COVERIt isn’t often that the philosophical end of astrophysics finds itself entwined with the cutting end of experimental drum and bass, but I have to wonder why it doesn’t happen more often. Fermi’s Paradox has been explored many times, in film, TV and now in music but the basic question remains unanswered. If the universe is infinite and therefore filled with myriad extra-terrestrial civilisations, why have we not yet encountered any? Or put simply…Where Are They?

Air + Kilometers doesn’t provide the answers but it does provide a suitably eclectic dance track to help you ponder the question. It is a quirky and slightly off-kilter blend of blissed out but confident dance, wonky drum and bass, mathy trip-hop and more ambient textures, a journey that takes you from the inner most workings of the enquiring mind out into the vastness of space, a track which links the firing synapses that drive thought with distant galaxies and the very quest for life. How Quantum is that?

Where Are They? is the third release from Anthony Rodriguez’s Threshold, an album which aims to deliver one track a month throughout the year, the first two having already gain critical praise and found a following amongst thinkers, dreamers, clubland EDMers and alt-synth-pop kids alike. Music is a powerful beast, anything drawing lines between the dance floor and the science lab, the dreamweave and the thought-provoking, ecstasy and academia is something to be reckoned with.

Air + Kilometers are the missing link between not only virtual worlds within our own culture, but perhaps between actual, alien worlds and our own planet. And as I listen to this I can’t help thinking that somewhere out there, a radio-telescope on a distant planet is picking up its elegant and wonderfully odd rhythms. The groove is out there!

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