I Shouldn’t Have Watched The Film What Lies Beneath (When I Was Twelve) – Robocobra Quartet (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a2075378893_16It is safe to say that Robocobra Quartet confuse the hell out of me, and this short, sharp, shock of a number has done little to help me get my head around their strange musical blend. But fear is our greatest enemy and the unknown is often the place that reveals the most unexpected rewards. Okay…I’m going in!

Driving backbeat and heavy bass provides a platform for this rhythmic workout, the riffs and melody seem pushed right back into the foundations of the song, hiding behind the post-rock, wall of noise heart, but they have never really been verse-chorus-verse-chorus, riff lead sort of guys, well not in any conventional sense anyway. At times the song evokes the strangeness of They Might Be Giants, if they had studied jazz and tried to form a metal band, at other times it feels like Talking Heads if they had….well, studied jazz and tried to form a metal band!

It is dark and brooding, challenging and non-conformist, intense and claustrophobic, sort of like being run over by a musical glacier, which then makes you wonder why you didn’t get out of the way first, it’s not like you didn’t have time! And that’s the charm of their music, you might not understand it, you might not even see what it is trying to do, you may not even be able to put into words what you like about it, but once you spend even a small amount of time in their sonic world you become a rabbit in its headlights. Its slow-moving, hypnotic, all consuming headlights. If glaciers had headlights!

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