When I Fell In Love With You – Stephen Jacques (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Love songs are, all too often, known for being sweet, schmaltzy and slightly saccharine affairs, high on romance and sentiment, low on intimacy and honesty. In short they are, generally speaking, dishonest. When I Fell In Love With You is the antidote to all of that. It has a loose and ragged quality, again a great hallmark, immediately indicating that the heart of the song is in the directness and the message rather than any sonic wrapping, any musical ribbons and bows.

And lyrically it seems to unfold like a Kerouac-esque road trip, a shared journey that caused love to bloom as the two lovers take in the sights and sounds, the open roads and the rugged scenery of the world around them. And there is more heart, more emotion, more passion to be found in this sonic journey, a journey to the heart and soul of the country whilst simultaneously navigating to the heart and soul of the characters in question, than a whole album worth of soggy sentimentality and acoustic artists rhyming moon with June and firing off overused platitudes.

Raw, honest and heartwarming…just like life should be.

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