What’s The Worst That Can Happen – Lou Kyme (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

If ever there was an example of a slow burner album, this is it. I was given this seven-track mini-album a few months ago and it’s been played, put back in it’s case, played, in the case, played and finally now I put pen to paper (or rather fingertips to keys) and state my case.

There is a definite formula to the songs, it starts with a simple three-chord guitar riff, backed up by some smart drums, is sung over before leading to a catchy chorus. The formula works but it can feel like the songs are repeating themselves, maybe I’ve overplayed the album, but it feels like a change of pace would be beneficial, although, saying that, there is a cool and affective ballad midway with a Twin Peaks feel to it that acts as a break from the country swagger that the band lends itself to.

There is something 80’s about the music, a little Transvision Vamp mixed with the lyrical smarts of Kirsty MacCol, but the album will live or die but your fondness of Lou Kyme’s voice.

There is something off kilter about it, she isn’t flat, but her voice tends to drift into or out of the note, a little like Brandon Flowers of The Killers, it adds character and a vulnerability to the songs but if it grinds your gears, this will be a short-lived love affair when, if you did turn away, you’ll be missing out on some clever pop tunes.

It’s very clean and well produced, everyone knows their job and it’s a highly polished piece considering this is her first solo album (she was a member of The Okeh Wranglers) so, judging by this, it could well be an interesting journey that she’s just started on.

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