Black Hurts – Terry Blade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This gorgeous and poignant slice of Neo-soul would seem relevant at any time in history but there is something about the backdrop of events and activism currently re-shaping the world which makes its arrival even more perfectly timed. Threads of soulful guitar and soft jazz grooves are woven together to build the necessary backdrop for Black Hurts‘ subtle and subtle sound, chords seeming mainly to punctuate and empower the vocal delivery, happy to hold back and let Terry Blade’s voice become the star of the show.

And why not? Its a great voice and here he seems to present his thoughts and pour out his heart in a very understated, slightly world weary and soul-searching way. The result is the feeling of someone whispering in your ear, an intimate conversation and a slight unburdening of frustrations as if the listener is in fact a friendly shoulder to cry on rather than a distant stranger. Such is the power of the song. Such is the power of the voice. 

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