19396763_470087933340439_5688468067635128340_nWestern Audio is a brand new commercial recording studio based in Swindon, Wiltshire, owned and operated by Samuel Bates. Samuel is a recording engineer whose credits include work for Sony, RCA, Universal, the BBC and many independent labels and artists and has over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

The studio comprises of a 700 sq. ft. live room with 24′ ceilings, and a 170 sq. ft. control room with bespoke acoustic treatment. The live room has an acoustic compared to Electrical Audio (Steve Albini’s studio in Chicago). The room’s sound can be tailored further by the positioning of multiple acoustic screens and moveable acoustic clouds that can take the room from a full 2-second reverb perfect for choral or orchestral work, down to 0.9 seconds (perfect for drums and acoustic instruments).

The philosophy behind Western Audio is simple: world-class recordings should be available to any musician. With the last 15 years seeing a seismic shift in dynamic for working musicians, the budget simply isn’t there for touring acts (or hobbyists) to book a ‘serious’ commercial studio.

Western Audio aims to redress this balance. By keeping the focus on providing a wonderful sounding space (the most important part or any recording) rather than esoteric vintage equipment, hire costs can be kept affordable without compromising on quality.

That’s not to say the equipment on offer is in any way lacking, however. With a range of industry standard microphones, excellent amplification and drums, the studio is well equipped for any session. Add to this a wonderfully balanced listening environment, with AAA-grade monitoring from ADAM Audio and PMC and a 24-channel tube mixing console, Western Audio can comfortably compete with studios costing 5 times as much.

An 8-hour day at the studio costs £200, which is less than many project studios in the West Country. Mixing is £30 per hour, and to offer maximum value to working musicians, there is an offer for 5 days’ recording plus free mixing at £1000.

“I strongly believe that touring bands should be able to make a living from their art”, states Samuel. “The £1000 offer can enable these bands to make an EP or album, press it and make decent profit with little risk.”

The studio is also a fantastic venue for videos and intimate private shows. For full details, including equipment list and booking information, visit westernaudiorecording.com

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