The_Foreign_Resort_-_She_Is_Lost_(cover).jpgI love music that acts as your own personal time machine; able to take you back to a time and a place, and evoke the sounds and styles of that particular point on your personal timeline. She is Lost does just that for me. It is some time in the early to mid eighties, I am sporting a great coat…which happens also to be a Greatcoat, winkle pickers and undoubtedly too much hairspray and the music in the club that night sounds a lot like this.


But it isn’t enough for music just to be a ticket to the past, not for me anyway, been there, done that and got quite a few tee shirts to prove it. Calling down the shadowy sounds of those times is fine provided you bring something new to the table. The Foreign Resort does just that. Yes, they wear their love of the likes of The Cure, Joy Division, The Cure, The Damned and The Cure on their sleeves but they also follow similar paths at times to The Editors, Foals and the Banshees soaked sound of Savages.

But that is just me trying to prove that I have earned my journalistic stripes, the bottom line is whether it is a good record or not. No, it isn’t…it’s a great record. It captures that wonderful broken hearted emptiness that lies at the core of all the bands I have mentioned above, it drives on chiming guitars, grounded bass lines, embedded synth washes and less is more, straight out rock back beats.

My formative years were set against the tribal backdrop of small town 80’s post-punk and we would have claimed a song such as this as our anthem in a heartbeat and it is quite telling that in this post-genre world we apparently find ourselves, where musical boundaries have been completely eradicated and any fusion and cross contamination of musical styles is accepted as the norm, people are still looking back to and emulating those twilight sounds.

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