We Got It – Lil Bro (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop has a reputation for being upfront and in-your-face, but with We Got It, Lil Bro injects something more relaxed, more sultry even into the proceedings. It runs on that skittering, trap-infused groove that is the hallmark of the modern sound, spacious bass pulses linked with ticking percussion. It even blends and blurs the lines between chilled dance sonics and almost ambient electronica.

But when taken as a whole, there is something unhurried and seductive about the overall effect. Space is used to great effect, as is pace, the whole thing seemingly constructed of unexpected poise rather than the usual bombast.

And then there is the lyrical top line. Again unhurried and avoiding all of the obvious hip-hop tropes, Lil Bro seemingly happier doing things his own way, irrespective of what the current fade or fashion might be. Isn’t that the way everyone should approach their creative urges?

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