As I write this, I am listening to an artist that has come to my attention almost by accident. 

The music is from a five-song EP called ‘In Bloom’ by an artist born in Poland and living in Florida.

If you keep an ear on all things hot and happening in the world of the up-and-coming music, then by now you will have already guessed who I am talking about, but for those now quite on the cutting edge, I’m listening to Meresha.

Having amassed hundreds of thousands of fans around the world and attracting over three hundred thousand views of her single, ‘Red-Headed Lover’ in a short while, she’s causing a stir with her blend of electronic, world, soul and pop that calls itself ‘Alien Pop’.

It’s unashamedly upbeat and positive and will no doubt find an audience in an ever-changing world where musical acts have had to find new ways to reach their audiences. The production is clever and, rare in this field, uncluttered. The EP’s strength lies in the fact that the songs are strong. 

Comparisons to Jacob Collier are well-earned with twists and turns in the music with rhythms often shifting but the voice of Meresha being put centre stage, and fans of Dua Lipa will find much to like.

‘Red-Headed Lover’ is the radio-friendly standout from the five songs, with catchy chorus, snappy slap ‘n pop bass giving a funky feel. It is a good place to start in discovering her music.

She’s a multi-instrumentalist taking control from writing to the production, this is an advantage as artists are restricted in how they can record with most of today’s pop starlets caring more about what magazine covers they appear on rather than the ins and outs of music theory. 

There are flavours of Asian music, particularly on ‘Infinitenergy’ and a dance feel throughout that should appeal to fans of the resurgence in EDM.

With the sun finally beginning to put its hat on, this might be the time to immerse yourself in some summery, poppy escapism, you could do much worse than getting on a bus that seems to be picking up passengers wherever it stops.

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