Although tracks such as Galamatica and Time Irrelevant, Center Mass Universe have proved that they have an exquisite mastery as proponents of the art of the long, beguiling intro, here they cut to the chase somewhat faster than usual. After just a minute, beats and electronic atmospherics emerge behind this buoyant, low-end riff. But it is still a while longer before a tumbling and angular bassline that seems to be offering up mathematical equations made music rather than laying down grooves steals the show.

As I have said before, one of the great things about post-rock is that the rules are there to be broken. It is a place where more ornate and progressive ventures seduce the conformity of the classic rock form, and the results, as we can see here, are fantastic. Without the usual regard for verse-chorus structure, the instruments are free to ebb and flow as they choose, building excellent dynamics of their own making.

Metallic muscle meets math-rock melodics; technical playing is softened through the use of ambient drift and atmospheric deliveries; time signatures become adventurous, and again, without lyrics to limit the imagination, the music seems to speak its mind – guitar riffs, bass pulses and back beats being the lingua franca here rather than words and images.

And what does it all mean? Well, anything you like. Obviously, with a title like Water Running, those two words convey some idea of what the players might be trying to convey: the meandering movement of the music, a strange blend of fast-flowing sonic currents within a more consistent, robust and relentless force, perhaps make specific suggestions to the listener but beyond that, whatever meaning you the listener finds in it, is for you to decide.

Metallers will recognise the tectonic musical forces at work here, but what keeps Center Mass Universe apart from being merely another metal band is how they weave such power into more poignant and even poetic forms. The perfect blend of muscle and melody, grandeur and grace, power and poignancy and none of the cliche that is normally prevalent in the realms of heavier music.


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Center Mass Universe release their debut album on 17th September 2023

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