I have always found instrumental music a much more exciting prospect than songs that unambiguously tell you precisely what they are about. Music without lyrics can often instigate a more compelling form of dialogue with the listener, formed of moods, emotions, feelings and energies rather than mere words. One that is as much about the receiver’s interpretation as it is about the creator’s intentions. It is a subtle and fluid conversation that can mean many things to many people and is often not bound by what the artist behind the music first had in mind when writing the piece.

So, no matter what Uros Brosic and Todd Krasovetz, the Slovenian duo behind Center Mass Universe, intend with their music, it is up to the listeners’ interpretation to decide what it might be about and how it makes them feel. This makes instrumental music all things to all people. How great is that?

Time Irrelevant again underlines their mastery of the long, seductive lead-in, as shapeless musical washes are joined by picked acoustic guitars, which are in turn bolstered by more muscular sounds and slow, almost tribal beats. And then, just as the hypnotic sounds have reached a near-breaking point, spiralling riffs begin to pool and percolate through the music before it seems to collapse entirely under its own weight.

Near silence rains, broken only by delicate piano and half-heard sonics before it builds itself up again, this time more fractured and fragile, the same sounds as before, perhaps only this time with a sense of vulnerability to them, temporal and passing.

As always, the music is cinematic and filmic, depicting all manner of scenes and scenarios, the cosmic connotations suggested by the title being only one of many.

Adventurous, beguiling and, perhaps best of all, limitless music.

More information at – https://centermassuniverse.com/home

Spotify -https://open.spotify.com/artist/1eLW5YCVTC1dO6FldG4Qxi?si=5lI4w39sSOC3YUdpLHfXgg

Center Mass Universe release their debut album on 17th September 2023

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