Waiting For Truth –  Greg Smith (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Greg Smith seems to have mastered the art of writing fairly straight-forward songs that he is then able to dress up beautifully. Not taking anything away from what lies at the heart of his song but they beat with simple, classic chord structures and familiar progressions…and why not? What makes the songs stand out from the legions of other would be, acoustic troubadour is the process of sonic swaddling, for want of a better term. Without getting in the way of those simple, elegant and effective musical bones, lovely piano lines, understated harmonica as well as deft and restrained rhythms lift the songs up into some wonderfully heightened territory.

Enough space is left so that everything can breathe and do its job, piano chords merely emphasise, washes of heady harmonica adds edge and atmosphere between the guitar notes and the vocals lilt and lull their way along the front of the song. Definitely another example of knowing just when a song has everything that it needs to make its point, something that Greg Smith is a master at. 

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