Gemini – Pistol For Ringo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a writer I tend to focus on the music rather than the video as a rule but as a punter I thought that this video was brilliant.  The perfect accompaniment to a straight forward break-up song, a brilliant contrast of emotions, the cool logic of the narrator against the silent histrionics of the departing partner, a simple but brilliantly evocative visual representation of the song at hand and all shot in one take! It’s a video where half of those watching are looking at the guy and saying, yes, been there, and the other half are looking at the girl and saying the same. Even better when it clicks that the focus of attention isn’t actually the star of the show and it is the leaving lady which provides the mesmerising action.

It runs on a great rock and roll groove, one that is both timeless and familiar yet fresh and infectious enough to feel like a worthy addition to the musical canon, bluesy and blustering rock which is so much fun in its basic form that it doesn’t need to resort tot the tricks and the gimmicks of the studio or follow the fads or fashions of the current zeitgeist… whatever those may be.  A simple song with a university relatable message, brilliantly understated and now, somehow, resident in my brain. Damn it!

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