Vultures – Mayflower Madame (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I think by now we should have discovered a new word to cover music which resonates with the spirit of post-punk. After all, that scene’s first stirrings lay more than a lifetime ago but I guess as a useful shorthand for a certain set of sounds and styles, for atmospheric soundscapes which would soon fracture into one of a number of different camps –  indie or shoe gaze or dream-pop or goth – it works well enough. It also implies that bands revelling in such sounds are somehow looking to the past rather than driven by timeless urges to create music with mystique and magic, atmosphere and angularity, texture and angst…sorry, I couldn’t think of the right alteration to finish that off. But this is to the case. Certainly not here.

But if we are going to wield such labels, Vultures, the opening salvo from Mayflower Madame’s forthcoming Prepared For A Nightmare album, is a song which such a generic moniker extremely comfortably with. Channelling everyone from Joy Division to The Sisters of Mercy to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to more modern torchbearers such as The Soft Moon, Vultures is a caustic cause for celebration. Tribal beats and shimmering guitars fight for control as a resonant and sneering death rattle vocal makes its presence felt above. How cool does that sound?

Alt-rock? neo-psychedelic? Dark Indie? Actually, none of those work any better. Post-punk it is then.

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