Back For Good – Johanna Kuvaja (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If last time out Johanna Kuvaja was the epitome of perky pop, delivering high energy groovesome music designed for a good time, Back For Good sees her in a much more reflective mood. It’s an upbeat ballad, of sorts, one that drives on a mid-paced beat and peppered with dynamic lulls and rising tensions. It sounds like something that The Spice Girls would have been totally at home with and even though things have moved on that is still pretty much as big a compliment as it gets if you ask me.

And there is an interesting twist in the tale too. After having written the lyrics at a particularly low point in her life, when everything was falling apart and descending into darkness, she now freely admits that such things can’t be fixed by trying to find other people to love you, that you need to love yourself before any healing can begin.

But it is different for everyone and I guess if such a song brings comfort to others when they are facing problems in their life then that has got to be for the greater good. But this is pop music and perhaps we shouldn’t read to much into it and instead relish the sweetness of the song and marvel at the power of Johanna Kuvaja’s voice which turns a usually restrained and subdued musical form, the pop ballad, into a vocally impressive affair. It’s just what she does.

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