Venom – Proph3t of RAG3 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Despite the cover imagery, font and title, which all immediately suggest that we are about to embark on some sort of epic and excessive metalcore sonic journey, what greets the listener as the virtual needle drops is something quite different. Venom, which is set for release on 1st February, is built from a pretty unique sound, one which, if pushed you might call gothic dubstep or some sort of skittering, alternative electro-dance ritual. The fact that it is hard to adequately pin down is a testament to its unique oddness.

Venom pulls together almost chilled, trap beats, scything electronic growls and a sweet but distant vocal. It follows its own dynamics, rising and falling as its sees fit rather than committing to any conformist song structure and in doing so feels like a sonic narrative, an electronic voice telling a story rather than giving you a song in the conventional sense.

As compelling as it is odd. 

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