Blue Jay – Noor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hip-hop has always been about breaking down barriers, destroying stereotypes and raising a voice for justice. It says something about the world that fifty years on from its creation, those battles are still being fought. And Noor is an artist still at the forefront of that conflict, having made it his own personal mission to prove to people that the image that they may have of Muslims, one garnered through the media and politics, is probably a long way from the truth.

Blue Jay is a song about escapism, about having the freedom to go where you want, do what you like and of having a like-minded partner along-side you in that adventure. It sits somewhere between accessible pop and a more hip-hop orientated groove, the perfect blend of underground cool and easy accessibility.

And the video which comes with the single is suitably filled with an almost psychedelic rendering of Noor’s performance, the perfect visual accompaniment to a most liberating song.

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