Under Control – Kamryn Marie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you are going to do pop you might as well tick all the boxes, pop done half heartedly is a waste of everyones time. Those boxes include things like, infectiousness, addictive grooves, danceable beats, euphoric lyrics and a sense of adventurousness, abandonment and escapism. Kamryn Marie makes music which visits all of these stations as she drives the pop train to its intended destination…that destination being a great night out, a house party or perhaps just the sound track that signals the working week is over.

Under Control offers music to loose yourself in, creates a brightly lit, pop bubble to immerse yourself in whilst you forget about the real world. And if pop music is all about being big rather than clever, Kamryn Marie might surprise you as for all the e.p.s freshness and fun, it still manages to cover a lot of sonic ground. Alongside the dance floor anthems such as Somebody With A Broken Heart and the slick and sultry Behave there are soulful ballads such as Goodbye For Now and futuristic fusions such as P.D.F.

Everything you expect from the modern pop package but also plenty of unexpected musical twists and sonic turns too. Sounds like value for money to me.

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