Forgiveness – Deep C Divers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Deep C Divers has always made music with a certain clever understated quality to it, here they wind things back even further and prove that less is certainly more, familiarity is a fine quality for music to have and that music doesn’t have to be big when it can instead be clever. And this is very clever music indeed. It is woven from soulful, bluesy melodic rock, it is shot through with pop infectiousness and has integrity by the ton.

As I have said about their previous songs which have come under the reviewing pen, not everything has to storm the barricades, not every song has to try to create new genres, sometimes it is enough to just explore familiar styles and just concentrate on doing them better than your contemporaries. This is certainly one of those times. Balladish in nature but shored up by some wonderful musical motifs and clever sonic dressing, Forgiveness echoes the 70’s heyday of the piano man (Elton John would have killed for this) as much as it does slick 90’s rock and modern alternative pop. As always, it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. Deep C Divers do it so incredibly well.

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