There is always something interesting about reviewing music in a language other than your own. Without the direct communication of the words to lead you, it is to the music that you turn for guidance. Here, if done properly, is where you find not only the essence of the song but feelings and vibes that go beyond mere words – empathy, honesty, a bond with the artist and the music – a more meaningful communication built from elements that bypass the head and connect with the listener’s heart, perhaps even their very soul.

Although in this case, I have some help as Angelo Morra switches between his native Italian and English as he moves between verse and chorus. But even if he didn’t, the reflective nature of the vocals and the soft, seductive qualities of the delivery suggest a song that muses on some of life’s more significant decisions.

Here, Morra seems to be considering restlessness, musing perhaps on the life of the artist, a traveller whose life is one where separation and distance from loved ones is the curse of such a lifestyle. And sonically, too, there is a gentleness to the music that carries the message, a wistfulness that reflects the deep and poignant thought process that lies at the song’s heart.

It may be a gentle song, but it is a powerful one, too, proving once again that the effectiveness of any song isn’t about volume and impact and that lasting impressions are created by more supple and subtle forces.

A gorgeous song and one that every listener will be able to relate to. And those are always the songs that stay with you.

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